PWG’s subsidiary NEV awarded for its prosperous contribution to the higher college of technology
PWG’s subsidiary receiving an award from High College of Technology. Source: PWG

On the 8th of September, PWG’s subsidiary, new energy vehicle investment company, got awarded at the Partnership appreciated ceremony of the higher college of technology, for its prosperous contribution in technological education and advancement.

NEV was awarded for its tremendous efforts in congregating HCT’s engineering students by providing them with efficacious R& D internships, utilizing their facilities, enhancing their career opportunities, developing their skills, and ultimately integrating them to the new energy vehicle ecosystem.

On the long run, NEV is looking forward to introducing students to the real working environment, by providing them the space to prove their engineering skills, hand on manufacturing plans, and be part of an upcoming R&D center in the UAE.

The following efforts will undoubtedly develop Chinese products suited for the GCC region with most importantly the input of Emirati students.

“Students at the higher college of technology showcased their passion and eagerness to learn and make a difference. They showed excellent attitude to deliver exceptional work. In return, we learned a lot from them.” CEO of NEV Mohammad Al Marzouki said.

“The management of high college of technology expressed their keenness to work with Chinese stakeholders. They were on top of professionalism, continuously taking comments on multicultural education, their strength points, and the urge to improve.” he added.



NEV through PWG along with the higher college of technology are contributing effectively to the national development, putting together all the efforts of Emirati students for an exciting electric mobility future to come to fruition.