PWGs’ subsidiary Kun Peng Capital Club participates in UAE 2022 AIM Investment Annual Conference
Chairman of PWG on the red carpet with governmental entities. Source: PWG

On March 29,2022, PWGs capital investment experience was utilized by the participation of Kun Peng Capital Club in the AIM investment annual conference initiated by the UAE ministry of Economy. Mr. Liu, the chairman of PWG investment group and the founder of Kunpeng capital club, delivered an insightful speech about UAE’s prominent role in economic growth and foreign investment.

AIM is an uppermost investment platform in the UAE held under the patronage of his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It opts to invest in sustainable innovation, accelerate future prosperity, forge solid economic ties between investors, small-medium sized businesses (SMEs), and stakeholders in the world of investment. AIM brought together prominent figures such as senior government officials, corporate leaders, and worldwide investors, entrepreneurs, and investment specialists.

Mr. Liu praised the UAE for its continuous efforts in upscaling the international economy especially after the outbreak of the epidemic. This has been portrayed through the establishment of a series of plans such as “300 billion operation” and the “Dubai Future district”. The following projects enhanced investors productivity, local skillsets, and opportunities, which are bound to make the UAE as the most sought-after destination for Chinese investors.

Kun Peng Capital Club is the first elite service channel established according to UAE’s visions and development strategy. It is a platform for Chinese investors to explore cooperation and investment opportunities in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. It is committed to bridging gaps, creating convenient communication consensus for international capital in the UAE, and creating smooth investment channels. Kun Peng Capital Club has been supported by Dubai FDI “a part of the Department of Economic Development” that aims to advocate and sustain foreign investment in the UAE. The club is currently working on launching its own “Kung Peng Fund” to invest in key industries such as high-tech, health, agriculture, new energy vehicles, education and other prominent sectors.


The speech was followed by an award presenting to Mr. Liu from the UAE minister of economy, the AIM chairman, the undersecretary of foreign trade and development, and the secretary general of the United Nations conference on trade and development in honor for his remarkable contribution to the successful investment landing in the UAE. Kun Peng Capital Club through PWG will continue to contribute to the economy by promoting UAE as an ideal overseas destination for investments.